Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To bag or not to bag?

We are often asked if businesses that sell alcohol to go are required to place the alcohol in a bag.

There is no law in Oregon which requires retailers to bag alcohol.

Some retailers have their own store policy which may make it a requirement.


  1. So Liquor Store operators have no say over the price they carge for their product, but they can decide whether or not to insist on bagging it up after selling it for the price dictated to them by the OLCC.

    I'm sure that makes them feel empowered.

  2. This drives me nuts - when I buy a 6-pack (with built in handle) and the clerk insists on bagging it after I request that he/she doesn't. They always reply, "It's Oregon law." Of course, it isn't even consistent within the same store's employees, as some insist on a bag and others don't even offer one.

    They put it in a bag and I go home and have to deal with recycling something I didn't want in the first place.

  3. That picture is unrealistic -- the spaghetti is shown loose in the bag. We need to identify and rectify these inappropriate stock photos sooner rather than later. Perhaps a citizen review committee could review and decide if/how to make them fit the profile of the OLCC blog.

  4. I know...I'm in a constant struggle over this with a guy at my local /7 11 store. He mocks me and tells everyone that will listen that basically I am a nut. He is an irritating pseudo-know it all.

  5. Is it possible that some cities have local ordinances that are more strict than OLCC ? We're moving to Shady Cove, Oregon and we noticed that everyone brown bags the alcohol. They told us it was the law.

  6. Safeway insists that out is an Oregon law. They about me so much

  7. Is this still true? No bagging requirement for Retailers?

    1. Yes, there is no law requiring retailers to bag alcohol. Stores can have stricter policies however.