Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OLCC celebrates 75 years of responsible sales and service

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is celebrating the agency’s 75th anniversary. The OLCC was established in 1933 just days after the national repeal of prohibition.

On Dec. 15, 1933, Gov. Julius Meier signed the Liquor Control Act, giving the state exclusive rights to sell distilled spirits and fortified wine as well as the authority to license private businesses to sell beer and table wine by the bottle and the glass.

"The OLCC is committed to promoting public safety and supporting economic development,” said OLCC Executive Director, Steven Pharo. “The work we do enables business people to be viable in their sale of alcohol while ensuring that customer interests are met in a socially responsible manner.”

Over the years, the OLCC has seen many successes including the Alcohol Server Education Program, Responsible Vendor Program, Clerk Training Program, and enforcement of Oregon’s Bottle Bill.

"The OLCC is committed to promoting public safety and supporting economic development." ~ OLCC Executive Director, Steven Pharo.
Since inception, the OLCC has given back $3.4 billion to taxpayers through revenue distributions to Oregon’s general fund, Oregon counties, incorporated cities and other programs. Other milestones in OLCC history include permitting women in bars, Sunday alcohol sales, and wine by the drink sales.

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