Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Are businesses watering down Oregon's new bottle bill law?

Oregonians are finding that many retailers and manufacturers haven’t made the change to selling only bottled water labeled with the OR 5¢ refund value. And recent OLCC checks show that several brands on the shelves are still unmarked.

Under the new law, water bottles sold in Oregon as of Jan. 1 must be marked with a 5¢ refund value. Only bottles with the OR 5¢ designation are eligible for the 5-cent redemption.

This becomes a problem for consumers when they are charged a nickel deposit for a bottle not labeled appropriately and then they can’t get their deposit back from a retailer.

Inspectors will be checking retailers around the state beginning the week of Jan. 12 to see if the water bottles on the shelves have the appropriate OR 5¢ designation. Business owners who do not comply with the bottle bill could be cited with a Class A Misdemeanor.

Consumers are urged to email the OLCC at or call the OLCC’s Bottle Bill hotline at #1-888-h2o-2009 (1-888-426-2009) to report bottle bill violations.

For more information on the Oregon’s Bottle Bill including frequently asked questions, and what retailers and consumer need to know, visit our web page

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