Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DMV to allow you to keep old ID when applying for new card

Beginning April 1, 2009, DMV will allow people to keep their old driver licenses, permits, and ID cards when they apply for new cards. Previously, DMV retained the old card when issuing an interim paper stock ID.

Customers' old cards will instead be invalidated with a punched hole in the name and address area, and then returned to customers. This will give people another form of photo identification while they wait for their new ID card to arrive in the mail.

Oregon converted to issuing driver licenses and ID cards from a secure central production facility in the summer of 2007. DMV now mails driver licenses and ID cards directly to customers, and most people receive their secure cards through the US mail within a few days. However, some have reported problems proving their age or identity at other agencies and businesses, including OLCC-licensed businesses, with only the interim card. The inconsistent acceptance of the interim card has created problems for some individuals who don't have any other form of photo ID.

DMV will be instructing customers to destroy both cards (invalidated old ID and paper interim card) once they receive their new plastic card in the mail. This will help protect personal information.

While this change will provide people with an additional piece of identification to help prove their age and identity in conjunction with a valid interim car, the invalidated ID will not meet the statutory requirements for a stand-alone ID for the purposes of purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverages, as well as entering and remaining in an area prohibited to minors.

Some businesses and their staff may refer to the punched IDs only as a back-up ID - additional proof of the patron's age and identity - provided that a legitimate ID has already been presented.

Businesses are required to check the identification of anyone who wishes to purchase or consume alcohol, or who wants to enter a prohibited to minors area, if that person appears under the age of 26. Under Oregon law, the only acceptable forms of stand-alone ID are:

  1. A valid state driver license with a photo.
  2. A valid DMV ID card with photo, name, date of birth, and physical description from any state.
  3. A valid passport.
  4. A valid United States military ID card.
For questions about the new DMV policy, please visit or call your local DMV office.

If you have questions about what forms of identification are acceptable for OLCC-related purposes, please visit or call your local OLCC office.


  1. Good move. When the temp ID's rolled out, getting them accepted at businesses was a nightmare. I carried my passport.

  2. Is there a guide available online to aid in spotting fake ID cards? (Specifically Oregon and neighboring states' ID.)

  3. Here is a great resource for ID checking guides. It includes US and international ID guides:

  4. Why to keep old ID care when applying for a new ID card. They are very necessary for making a new one.

  5. Is it also implemented in other DMV or just in DMV Oregon

  6. Old cards impact is negative butt new card has pastive impact