Friday, May 8, 2009

OLCC launches new online search tool for distilled spirits, liquor stores

Looking for a particular distilled spirits product but don’t know which liquor store carries it or where a store is located? Introducing - a new website designed by the OLCC to enhance customer service.

With the click of a mouse, allows customers to search for a specific product and find which stores carry it. You can search by brand name, a distilled spirits category such as vodka or cognac, or by liquor store. Your search returns the entire list of products, size, price, and locations that carry the product. All store locations will be listed, but not all stores currently provide daily liquor inventory.

Searches for liquor stores give the address, phone number, and directions through Google Maps. Liquor agents are independent contractors who have the flexibility to set their own hours. Customers can check to see their local store’s hours by searching by location.

“To me, it’s all about improving customer service,” said Jim MacAlistaire, Retail Services Director. “The internet provides a convenience to our customers so that they don’t have to call around or drive to different stores to find the product they want. helps travelers and tourists across the state to find the local liquor store and to see if the product they want is in stock.”

The site is a work in progress. There are plans to add pictures of products, as well as increase the number of participating stores.

There are security measures in place to discourage minors from entering the site. To enter the site, visitors must enter his/her birth date. If a birth date for someone under 21 is entered, the site will redirect the visitor to an alcohol-free children's web page. There are also links to MADD, Oregon Partnership, and the Oregon Dept. of Human Services Addiction Services.

Products can't be purchased from Content is for informational purposes only.

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