Friday, February 26, 2010

Everything You Need to Know about Manufacturing and Wholesaling Distilled Spirits in Oregon

by Joy Spencer

The OLCC has a new publication: A Guide to Manufacturing and Wholesaling Distilled Spirits in Oregon.

This guide provides information on:
  • Becoming an Oregon Distillery Licensee

  • Exceptions to Licensing Requirements

  • How to Have Your Product in Oregon Retail Liquor Stores

  • Providing Tastings on Your Annually Licensed Premises

  • Having Your Product for Sale Directly to Retail Consumers

  • Obtaining a Special License to Provide Tastings at Temporary Events

  • Providing Tastings at a Full On-Premises Sales License

  • Assisting With Promotional Dinner Events

  • Providing Tastings in an Oregon Retail Liquor Store

  • Offering Samples of Your Product to Retail Sales Agents

  • Providing Tastings and Samples of Your Product to Industry

  • Obtaining a Full On-Premises Sales License from the OLCC

  • Providing Products & Services to a Nonprofit TSL Licensee

For more information visit the OLCC website at

Friday, February 19, 2010

Scam Alert!!

by Joy Spencer

Scam targets restaurants, barsPlease be aware of a new scam targeting bars and restaurants who may have let the status of their corporation or business license lapse. The scammer sends threatening letters to these businesses, demanding money in exchange for not filing complaints with the OLCC. This hoax claims the business's failure to keep government paperwork up-to-date threatens its status with the OLCC.

A business who receives this type of threatening letter should contact 1) their local police department to file a criminal complaint, 2) the OLCC at 800-452-6522, and 3) the Corporation Division at 503-986-2200, for assistance updating and renewing business registrations.

The Secretary of State wants all businesses to know that there are a number of alternatives available in these situations. Our office can help a business register a new assumed business name (dba) or trade name, change a legal business name, and even assist the business reinstate a dissolved corporate registration, in some situations. See Registering Your Business Name below for more information.

In addition, updating your liquor license information is a simple procedure. OLCC staff and compliance investigators are available to assist and answer questions as well. Please contact us at 800-452-6522, or visit online at