Friday, April 16, 2010

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

by Joy Spencer

Governor Theodore Kulongoski signed a proclamation declaring April as “Alcohol Awareness Month”. This annual public awareness campaign encourages local communities to focus on alcoholism and alcohol-related issues and tools for prevention.

This year, the Governor's message focuses on underage drinking. A recent report based on data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) shows Oregon in the top 16 states for alcohol use in the past 30 days among people aged 12 to 20.

As noted in the Governor's proclamation, more than 23 percent of Oregon eighth graders, and 38 percent of 11th graders are drinking alcohol on a regular basis. Research shows that teens who begin drinking before age 15 are four times more likely to have alcohol problems as adults, than those who begin after age 21.

Keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors is a priority for the OLCC - reducing minors' access to alcohol by working with grocery stores, preventing alcohol furnishing, and reducing the use of fake ID.

How can you help? Call us if you think a store is selling to minors. The more information you have, the more effective we can be in stopping it. Our Portland metro (Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties) number is: 503-872-5070. Or call toll free from anywhere in the state: 800-452-6522. You can also contact your local police department.

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  1. If you have a relative, parent, child or close friend who drinks too much Al-Anon can help you. There are over 100 Al-Anon meetings in the Portland Area. Al-Anon Family Groups share their experience, strength and hope in order to solve their common problems. Alcoholism is a family disease and changed attitudes can aid recovery. Look up a meeting today or call 757-563-1600, local 503 292-1333