Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graduation time calls for alcohol awareness

by Joy Spencer

Graduation should be a happy time, and a time to celebrate the accomplishments of students. Many families commemorate graduation with parties, outings, and other celebrations.

Here are a few tips for parents and guardians to help keep their teens safe during graduation season:

  • Set clear expectations about not drinking alcohol. Establish rules and follow through with the consequences.

  • Talk about drinking and drug use with your teen as well as other parents.

  • Talk about how making bad choices, like using drugs or alcohol, could change their lives forever.

  • Organize fun alternatives such as an alcohol and drug-free graduation party.

  • Be involved - ask who they will be with, how you can reach them, where they will be and at what times.

  • Lead by example. Teens learn by watching, interacting, and listening to you – live a healthy lifestyle for you and your kids.

“Parental disapproval is still a leading reason why kids choose not to drink,” said Rudy Williams, OLCC Deputy Director. “Talk to your children about how one bad choice could quickly lead to tragedy. A few moments now could save a lifetime.”
Parents planning a party for their child’s friends should make sure the festivities are alcohol-free. Not only is furnishing alcohol a crime, but you could also be held liable for any damages, injuries or deaths caused by the minor(s) you gave alcohol.
For more information and resources on alcohol and minors visit our website:

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