Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OLCC distributes $172 million to Oregon cities, counties and the general fund

by Joy Spencer

OLCC distributed nearly $172 million to Oregon cities; counties; state general fund; as well as mental health, alcohol and drug treatment services in the 2009-2010 fiscal year.
  • $97 Million - Oregon's general fund received more than $97 million dollars to help pay for critical services like schools, healthcare and law enforcement.
  • $66 Million - Cities and counties received $66 million to support their local budgets, including important services such as law enforcement or purchasing fire trucks and ambulances.
  • $8 Million - Oregon's mental health, alcoholism and drug services programs received eight million dollars.
Another $267,306 went to Oregon’s Wine Board, which helps support Oregon’s local wine industry, further enhancing our local economy.

“The OLCC is proud to be an agency that contributes revenue to essential state services,” says Steve Pharo, OLCC executive director. “Especially in these more difficult economic times, crucial services such as education, corrections and healthcare need all the assistance we can offer.”

For a detailed report of the revenue distributed, visit the OLCC's Website.


  1. The OLCC has not contributed a damn dollar to anyone. This is all money from the people of this state. All you've done is redistributed it.

  2. How much is the liquor tax in OR. I live in Texas but will be in Or for a few months. I visited so check for prices and selection but didn't know how much more to add for taxes.

    there are some high dollar bottles of whisky i would like to buy but need to figure out buy here and bring or buy while i'm there.

  3. Anonymous - there is no tax....the price you see on is the price you will pay.