Friday, August 27, 2010

"Wasted" - a video about the dangers of underage drinking and driving

by Joy Spencer

Lexi Spencer who was 16 years old, drank alcohol, knew enough not to drive, but made the mistake of riding in a car with someone who was also too intoxicated to be driving. This video is a testimonial by the people whose lives were profoundly affected by her death and the circumstances surrounding the incident. Along with Lexi's mother, it is the teens who speak out, who struggle with the hard-learned lessons of underage drinking. All of their lives have been forever changed by the loss of their classmate and friend.

"Wasted" documents the horrific chain of events that occurred after this Oregon teen chose to ride in a vehicle with a drunk driver.

“What makes this video stand out is that it presents actual testimonials. It isn’t a “what if?’ scenario, it is real life. These are teens whose lives are forever changed,” said Rudy Williams, OLCC Deputy Director, Public Safety Services. “We believe the DVD is important because at the heart of everything we do, keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors matters.”

Produced by the OLCC in cooperation with the Oregon Dept. of Transportation, "Wasted" will be shared with schools, PTA's, youth organizations, prevention groups, law enforcement, state legislators, and the liquor administrations in all 50 states for use in educational programs nationwide.

“We succeed in saving a life if just one teen refuses to get in a car with a drunk driver or chooses not to drink and drive because of this video,” says Williams.

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