Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Alcohol Service Permit went through the wash...now what?

by Joy Spencer

Replacing your Alcohol Service Permit if it has been damaged, lost or stolen - or if your name or address has changed - can be done through a few simple steps.

You will need to fill out a Service Permit Application, and check the box at the top for a replacement card. The fee for a replacement card is $5.

Service Permit Applications can be found on the OLCC's Website.

Print two (2) copies of your completed application. Sign the application, but you do not need an "authorized signature" for a replacement card.

Send one copy to the OLCC with your check or money order for $5; keep the other to use as your temporary permit until you receive your replacement card in the mail.

This is to replace an unexpired service permit. If you have questions on the status of your permit, call 503-872-5200.

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