Monday, September 12, 2011

OLCC launches a new site aimed at liquor licensing

by Joy Spencer

OLCC has launched a new website,, to help businesses who have liquor licenses, and those who are applying for a liquor license. The site was designed to provide more convenient and efficient service for license applicants and licensed businesses.

In addition to overseeing the sale of distilled spirits at Oregon liquor stores and its public safety role for businesses that sell alcohol, the OLCC issues and renews more than 14,000 annual liquor licenses, and over 5,000 temporary special event licenses each year.

“The new Liquor Licensing Website is something we’ve worked on very diligently to provide the extra level of service for liquor license holders and license applicants. We hope it will be a great resource for our customers,” said Farshad Allahdadi, OLCC Director of License Services. “It is our division's mission to issue licenses and permits quickly, accurately, and consistently to businesses and employees across the state. By licensing safe and responsible businesses, the OLCC plays an important role in Oregon's economic growth and vitality.”

The new site features a section on “Applying for a Liquor License” with links to specific license types. Applicants can easily find detailed information on the license fees, license privileges, laws and rules as well as the requirements for food service, taxes, bonds and training. The site also walks a potential licensee through the steps of the application process, and lists the forms necessary for each specific license type.

The “Special Event Licensing” portion of the website helps users determine if their special event qualifies for a liquor license, and if so – how to license the event.

There is a section devoted to licensed businesses who want to make changes to their license, such as changing their hours, or adding a sidewalk café or tasting room.

Another great addition is the “Give Us Your Input” feature which allows the public to comment on existing or pending liquor licenses directly from the web.

Go to for more information.

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