Friday, October 26, 2012

Oregon Liquor Control Commission 101

by Joy Spencer

How many breweries, wineries and distilleries are in Oregon? How does the Oregon Liquor Control Commission help local businesses?  What does OLCC do to keep people safe?  Where does all that money go? What does OLCC do for me? 

Any of these questions sound familiar?  We get them all the time.  Thanks to a grant from the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association, we’re going to try to answer them – in about eight minutes.

Our new video, “OLCC: It’s Your Business,” covers topics that aren’t normally discussed, but people are always amazed by the answers.  For example, most folks know that our inspectors work with businesses to make sure they are following liquor laws.  But did you know that the alcohol education program offers tips on real life situations – like how to remove a drink from someone who’s had too much?

Did you know that liquor stores in Oregon aren’t owned by the state?  Or, that you can get a selection of 1800 different products at any liquor store in the state – even if it isn’t on the shelf?

Most folks aren’t aware that the OLCC distributes hundreds of millions of dollars to fund state and local programs – like education, healthcare, police and fire. 

You might know that we issue liquor licenses to bars, restaurants, taverns and grocery stores.  But do you know how we do it? 

Bottom line is, we are your OLCC – and you should know what we do for you. From gathering input on new rules that affect you and your community to recruiting volunteers for minor sales checks – OLCC is your business and we want you to be involved.  


  1. How is OLCC is our business when OLCC dictate who can have the privilege to service and who CAN'T? If OLCC is our business then OLCC should not discriminate on anyone to sell and serve alcohol. Maybe the OLCC commissioners and workers should read the policy again before it get into a big lawsuit mess.

  2. "What does OLCC do to keep people safe?" Please elaborate. Thank you.